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My Knight and Me

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Country of origin

France and Belgium

Creation year



Joeri Christiaen



A long long time ago, during the Dark Ages, lived Jimmy the Squire, son of king Henri of Orange. Henri is a kind-hearted but dim witted father. When Jimmy is supposed to train and work hard to become a knight, he prefers to go on adventures to save the kingdom against all sorts of enemies. Jimmy is always accompanied by Princess Cat, a tomboy who dreams of becoming a knight herself. She often changes her princess dress for a full knightly outfit.

Who are the main characters of My Knight and Me?

My Knight and Me: A cartoon about a young boy named Jimmy who dreams of becoming a knight.
Sir Francis of Camelot: Jimmy's knightly mentor, he is wise and experienced.
Lady Catherine: Jimmy's mother, she is kind and loving.
Sir Roland: A brave and noble knight, he is Sir Francis' friend.
Madamoiselle Adeline: A kind and beautiful maiden, she is Jimmy's friend.
King Richard: The ruler of Camelot, he is just and fair.
Queen Eleanor: The queen of Camelot, she is kind and loving.
Prince Edgar: The prince of Camelot, he is mischievous and playful.
Sir Dalton: A brave and noble knight, he is Sir Francis' friend.
Sir Berenger: A brave and noble knight, he is Sir Francis' friend.

Production studio: TeamTo

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