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Nawak is a young native American boy who tries to live an idyllic life in the Great Plains with the members of his loving tribe and his trusted companion, Kawak the pony. Unfortunately, Nawak is incredibly clumsy. He can’t seem to do anything right… Follow the adventures of this clumsy but good-hearted little boy who finds out that every day brings about a new sort of disaster…

Who are the main characters of Nawak?

Nawak: A young boy who is the main protagonist of the series. He is adventurous and always eager to help others.
Nawak's Mother: Nawak's loving and protective mother.
Nawak's Father: Nawak's hardworking and supportive father.
Nawak's Grandfather: Nawak's wise and helpful grandfather.
Nawak's Grandmother: Nawak's kind and caring grandmother.
Nawak's Sister: Nawak's younger sister, who is also adventurous and always eager to help.
Nawak's Brother: Nawak's younger brother, who is mischievous and often gets into trouble.
Nawak's Best Friend: Nawak's loyal and reliable best friend.
The Mayor: The mayor of Nawak's hometown, who is always ready to help the citizens.
The Police Chief: The police chief of Nawak's hometown, who is always ready to keep the peace.
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