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The 3D animated children’s show Numberjacks focuses on early mathematics for 4 to 5 year old. The ten numbers from 0 to 9 all live comfortably inside a sofa until they get a call from a child who needs help to solve a problem. In their attempt to assist the children, the Numberjacks get sabotaged by the Meanies, who are able to change the shape, position or number of things. Fortunately, the Numberjacks always find a way to outsmart the Meanies and solve the problem.

Who are the main characters of Numberjacks?

Numberjacks: A team of 10 numbered robots who solve problems with numbers.
One: The leader of the Numberjacks, he is brave and resourceful.
Two: The second-in-command of the Numberjacks, she is smart and level-headed.
Three: The third-in-command of the Numberjacks, he is strong and reliable.
Four: The fourth-in-command of the Numberjacks, she is quick-thinking and resourceful.
Five: The fifth-in-command of the Numberjacks, he is energetic and enthusiastic.
Six: The sixth-in-command of the Numberjacks, she is calm and collected.
Seven: The seventh-in-command of the Numberjacks, he is curious and inquisitive.
Eight: The eighth-in-command of the Numberjacks, she is logical and analytical.
Nine: The ninth-in-command of the Numberjacks, he is playful and mischievous.
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