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Country of origin

Singapore and Great-Britain

Creation year



Richard Thomas

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The Oddbods are seven furry colourful little monsters called Fuse, Pogo, Newt, Bubbles, Slick, Zee and Jeff. They have to “survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events.” The series don’t have any dialogues and every episode has some physical comedy. The different Oddbods pull pranks on each other. A recurring element is that the Oddbods eat pancakes for breakfast in every episode.

Who are the main characters of Oddbods?

Odd: The leader of the Oddbods, he is mischievous and charming.
Pogo: The smartest of the Oddbods, he is level-headed and often acts as a voice of reason.
Bubbles: The youngest and most cuddly of the Oddbods, she is sweet and naïve.
Zee: The leader of the Oddbods, she is beautiful and competitive.
Fuse: The smartest of the Oddbods, she is shy and reserved.
Slick: The most cuddly of the Oddbods, he is sweet and caring.
Jeff: The Oddbods' human father figure, he is kind and patient, but can also be frustratingly absent-minded.
superb: The Oddbods' human mother figure, she is loving and nurturing.
Pogo's Cousin: A trouble-making Pogo look-alike who causes chaos wherever he goes.
Miss Miller: The Oddbods' human teacher, she is kind and patient, but can also be strict.
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