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Oscar’s Oasis

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Country of origin

France and South Korea

Creation year



Tae-Sik Shin


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Somewhere in a very arid desert lives Oscar the gecko. He spends his days in search of food or water, which is a very hazardous occupation when you are a prey yourself. If he’s lucky, Oscar will get some help from Buck the vulture, Harchi the hyena and Popy the fennec fox, but the trio mostly competes with him to fill their bellies.

Who are the main characters of Oscar's Oasis?

Oscar: A lazy, good-natured gecko lizard who is the leader of his pack. He is simple and honest and aspires to enjoy life. He is mostly busy finding food and water.
Harchi: A member of the Trio. He is a strong hyena who chases Oscar and the chickens.
Popi: She is a fennec fox and the leader of the Trio. She is very smart and cunning.
Buck: A large vulture who is the brains of the Trio.
Manolo: He is a truck drives that transports good across the desert where Oscar lives. He's usually asleep and lets his dog Roco drive the truck.
Roco: He is Manolo's pet dog. He needs to protect the cargo of the truck when Oscar wants to steal something.
Lizardette: She is Oscar's love interest.
The Chickens: They are a hungry bunch who try to eat Oscar.
The Dung Beetles: They are friends with Oscar and sometimes help him get out of trouble.
Cobra: A large, menacing cobra who is the leader of the snakes.

Production studio: TUBAn

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