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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Walt Disney



“Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is an American animated series that first aired in 1927. It was one of the earliest cartoon series created by Walt Disney and his partner, Ub Iwerks. The series followed the adventures of a mischievous and lucky rabbit named Oswald, who was always getting into trouble and finding his way out with his wits and good fortune.

The character of Oswald was created by Disney and Iwerks for Universal Studios, where they worked before starting their own studio. The series was an instant hit and became one of the most popular cartoon series of the late 1920s and early 1930s. The character of Oswald was also the first cartoon character to have his own merchandise, such as toys and comic books.

The animation style of “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” was similar to other cartoons of the time, featuring black and white, hand-drawn animation with exaggerated movements and expressions. The series was also known for its innovative use of sound effects and music, which added to the humor and excitement of the episodes.

The stories in “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” were often simple and formulaic, but they were always entertaining and engaging. Oswald would typically find himself in some kind of trouble or predicament, such as being trapped in a haunted house or chased by a pack of dogs. However, he always managed to escape or turn the situation to his advantage, thanks to his quick thinking and good luck.

The series also introduced a number of recurring characters, such as Oswald’s girlfriend, Ortensia, and his arch-nemesis, Peg-Leg Pete. These characters added depth and variety to the stories, and helped to build a consistent world for the series.

Despite its popularity, “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” was eventually cancelled in 1938, when Disney and Universal Studios failed to agree on a new contract. However, the character of Oswald would later be revived by Disney in the 21st century, and has since appeared in a number of new animated shorts and other media.

Overall, “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” was an important and influential series in the history of American animation, and helped to establish Walt Disney as one of the most innovative and successful animators of his time. Its legacy continues to be felt in the animation industry today, and it remains a beloved classic among fans of early animation.

Who are the main characters of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?

Oswald: The lucky rabbit, he is optimistic and good-natured.
Ortensia: Oswald's girlfriend, she is kind and loyal.
Uncle Oswald: Oswald's uncle, he is grumpy and cranky.
Weasel: Oswald's arch-nemesis, he is sneaky and conniving.
Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad: Oswald's wealthy friend, he is eccentric and good-hearted.
Gaston: Mr. Toad's butler, he is proper and dignified.
Mrs. Judson: Oswald's next-door neighbor, she is friendly and hospitable.
Benny: Mrs. Judson's pet dog, he is loyal and playful.
Charlie: Oswald's pet cat, he is lazy and aloof.
Professor Ludwig Von Drake: Oswald's scientist friend, he is brilliant and absent-minded.

Production studio: Disney Television Animation

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