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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Walt Disney



With Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney designed one of the first cartoon characters with a distinct personality. Oswald is a saucy and adventurous little rabbit who was made to move like a person thanks to a new concept called “personality animation”. Over the years and especially when Universal Studios took control over the cartoon, Oswald’s design changed a bit: he got gloves on his hands, shoes on his feet, clothes and a different facial expression. In 2006, the Disney Company bought Oswald back.

Who are the main characters of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?

Oswald: The lucky rabbit, he is optimistic and good-natured.
Ortensia: Oswald's girlfriend, she is kind and loyal.
Uncle Oswald: Oswald's uncle, he is grumpy and cranky.
Weasel: Oswald's arch-nemesis, he is sneaky and conniving.
Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad: Oswald's wealthy friend, he is eccentric and good-hearted.
Gaston: Mr. Toad's butler, he is proper and dignified.
Mrs. Judson: Oswald's next-door neighbor, she is friendly and hospitable.
Benny: Mrs. Judson's pet dog, he is loyal and playful.
Charlie: Oswald's pet cat, he is lazy and aloof.
Professor Ludwig Von Drake: Oswald's scientist friend, he is brilliant and absent-minded.

Production studio: Disney Television Animation

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