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Ozie Boo!

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TiJi and Cyber Group Studios


In this award-winning pre-school series, we follow the adventures of 5 baby penguins and their friends who live in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Together with their arctic friends, the penguins learn all there is to know about the environment from their teacher Mr. Pelican. They have many adventures and develop ways to help preserve the planet for future generations.

Who are the main characters of Ozie Boo!?

Ed: A little baby boy penguin, he has a green beak.
Fred: Another little baby boy penguin, he has an orange beak.
Ned: One of the five baby penguins, he has a blue beak.
Nelly: The only girl penguin of the group. She has a pink beak and wears a pink bow.
Ted: A baby penguin with a red beak.
Rajah: He's a baby Siberian tiger.
Mikkyt and Nikky: Two polar bear cubs.
Mel: A starfish.
Wally and Polly: Two baby belugas.
Sky: An albatros.

Production studio: Cyber Group Studios

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Ozie Boo! Theme Song

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