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Country of origin

United States, Japan and Canada

Creation year



Based on Pac-Man by Toru Iwatani



Pac-Man and his best friends Spiral and Cylindria are boarding at the Maze School in Pacopolis. From there, they help to protect the inhabitants of the city against the evil ghosts that escaped the Netherworld when the seal to their realm was accidentally broken by Pac-Man. In this endeavour, Pac-Man is assisted by four friendly ghosts. Pac-Man has the unique ability to eat ghosts, thus destroying the ectoplasm of their bodies. He also needs to protect the Tree of Life from attacks by the ghosts. This tree grants Pac-Man powers to fight them.

Who are the main characters of Pac-Man?

Pac-Man: The main character, a 13-year-old teenager who must defeat the Ghosts.
Cylindria: She's a pink Pac-Girl, the tomboyish friend of Pac-man, who helps her friends fight the ghosts and send Betrayus back to the Netherworld.
Spiralton: A 16-year-old Pac-Boy, who's Pac-Man's best friend. He forms a trio with Pac-Man and Cylindria.
Blinky: One of the ghosts of the Ghost Gang, he is red.
Pinky: Another ghost of the Ghost Gang, she is pink.
Inky: A third ghost of the Ghost Gang, he is blue.
Clyde: The fourth ghost of the Ghost Gang, he is orange.
Betrayus: The Lord of the Ghosts, who was at the command of a revolt against Pac-World.
President Stratos Spheros: The President of Pac-World and the brother of Betrayus.
Sir Cumference: An inventor who makes crazy gadgets for Pac-Man and his friends.

Production studio: TeamTo

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