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Packages from Planet X

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Country of origin

Canada and United States

Creation year



Jeff Harter



Out of the blue, 15-year-old Dan Zembrosky starts receiving strange packages from an unknown alien planet. The packages come in different forms and sizes, but they always come in handy to Dan and his best friends Amanda and Troll. The trio decides to use these “gifts” to their advantage, but soon realize there’s always a price to pay! The three friends must try to keep the mysterious packages out of the hands of Copernicus, an evil alien in human disguise who wants to take over the world…

Who are the main characters of Packages from Planet X?

Dan Zembrovsky: A 16-year-old who likes hanging out with his friends. At a certain time, he starts receiving packages from space.
Amanda Highborn: She's best friends with Dan and knows about the packages and what they do. She's some sort of genius.
Troll Moko: Dan's best friend and sidekick. He doesn't like raccoons.
Corvis Copernicus: The main villain of the show, also known as Leepthor after he took possession of Corvis' body. He tries to take the packages from Dan and wants to control the Earth.
Calimary: He's a mutated squibbon, meaning he's a monkey with squid arms on his back. He's Leepthor's sidekick.
CuRT: He is Dan's robot assistant, and was the first package Dan ever received.
Duane Zembrovsky: Dan's father.
Terrance Buckshot: A bully at Dan's school.
Overlord: He is the main official leader of Planet X.
Rory: Amanda's uncle who was taken prisoner on Planet X, but managed to escape. He made a journal about the packages.

Production studio: Studio B Productions

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