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Panda and Krash tells the story of little toys coming to life in a toy story. Impulsive little Rabbit and loyal Panda have all sorts of adventures with the other toys in the sotre. Rori, a very sensitive little Robot, is afraid of everything and needs constant reassurance from his friends. Then there’s also Lilly the bookworm, Scooter the 4 wheeler, Racoon, Amelia and Elephant. Together, they form a lively bunch who keep the place alive even after closing time.

Who are the main characters of Panda and Krash?

Panda: A giant panda who is the main character of the show. He is clumsy and good-natured.
Krash: A small red kangaroo who is Panda's best friend. He is adventurous and always up for a challenge.
Lina: A golden lioness who is the ruler of the jungle. She is regal and wise.
Bob: A blue bird who is Krash's best friend. He is loyal and always has Krash's back.
Sarge: A green alligator who is the jungle's resident muscle. He is tough and not to be messed with.
Flora: A pink flamingo who is the jungle's resident gossip. She is always up on the latest news.
Max: A black and white monkey who is the jungle's resident mischief-maker. He is always up to no good.
Ozzy: A yellow ostrich who is the jungle's resident know-it-all. He is always spouting off facts.
Gus: A brown and white guinea pig who is the jungle's resident scaredy-cat. He is always shaking in his boots.
Betty: A white and black zebra who is the jungle's resident drama queen. She is always making a scene.

Production studio: Imira Entertainment

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