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Country of origin

Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia

Creation year



Alvaro Ceppi, Hugo Covarrublas, Carlos Bleycher, Cristian Louit and Gabriel Noe


Matilde is a 12-year-old girl who likes spending her vacations at her grandfather Curlybeard’s seaside house, in Paper Port. As a former pirate, he has many cool stories to tell. One day, Matilde found a magic coconut, that her grandfather discovered in an old piano. When she accidentally breaks it, she absorbs its magical powers, which give her different, quite useless powers every day. She can for instance stop time by burping or change the weather by sneezing…

Who are the main characters of Paper Port?

Matilde: 12-year-old girl with a mysterious new power
Carlos: Matilde's friend, a boy with green hair who likes skateboarding
Ferni: Matilde's friend, a girl with black hair and two pigtails. She's a real tech wiz.
Boldo: Matilde's friend, a boy with red hair who wears glasses.
Barbacrespa: Matilde's grandfather, a pirate-style man with a long white beard.
Mortimer: Matilde's grandfather's pet, a striped fish.
Tropecio: Matilde's classmate
Jefe Astudillo: A man with a mustache
Chefe Haroldo: Matilde's father
Lolipop Boy: Matilde's classmate, a little boy who loves lollipops

Production studio: Zumbastico Studios

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