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In a wonderland were every single object is made out of paper, a small group of origami animal friends have all sorts of funny adventures. There’s Aristotle the moose, Knock-knock the Woodpecker, Bunny-cat and many others. Aristotle and Knock-knock are best friends, and together they help their neighbours in need. They love travelling around the world and see new things. In this creative and colorful world, young preschool viewers learn how to make their very own cartoon heroes out of paper and cardboard, only using cardboard and glue. The show features various interesting “handy craft” lifehacks, to give you many new ideas for a fun and creative arts and crafts afternoon. The show is aimed for a young audience between 3 and 6 years old, with each episode lasting 5:30″. Every episode shares step-by-step instructions on how to make their personal creation, which will enhance children’s motor skills, logic and imagination.

Who are the main characters of Paper Tales?

Aristotle: he is a very intelligent and reasonable moose. Whenever he needs to think something through, he plays the double bass.
Knock-knock: this little green woodpecker is Aristotle's best friend. He has loads of energy and has a great sense of rhythm.
Bunny-cat: this pink creature is very special! It can transform from a cat into a rabbit and vice versa.
Ladybug: she is a pretty little ladybug with very big eyes, so she can see everything.
Snail: this funny little snail carries it's lovely blue house on its back. The house can be transported with two extra front wheels, and it has a big front door and window. Well done, Snail!

Production studio: Parovoz

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