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Peep and the Big Wide World

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Country of origin

United States of America and Canada

Creation year



Kaj Pindal



Peep, a yellow chicken, Chirp, a red robin, and Quack a blue duckling are the main protagonists of this educational cartoon. Each episode starts with an introduction by a narrator. The animation consists of bright colours and simple shapes, and is destined for a very young audience. The episodes are divided into two animated segments and one 2-minute live action segment, where children explore and demonstrate the same topic presented in the cartoon.

Who are the main characters of Peep and the Big Wide World?

Peep: A curious little chick who is always exploring and learning.
Chirp: Peep's best friend, a robin who is always up for an adventure.
Quack: A friendly duck who is always happy to help.
Hoot: An owl who is wise and serious, but can also be a little grumpy.
Teds: A group of three friendly squirrels who are always up for a game.
Sheep: A flock of sheep who are often seen following their leader, Baa Baa.
Baa Baa: The leader of the sheep, she is always looking out for her flock.
Worm: A worm who is often seen burrowing underground.
Fly: A fly who is always buzzing around.
Katydid: A katydid who is often seen perched atop a leaf.
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