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Unofficial Peg + Cat cartoon wiki page

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All you need to know about

Peg + Cat

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Country of origin

Canada and United States of America

Creation year



Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson



The educational animated series Peg + Cat is aimed at preschoolers from 3 to 5 years old. The main focus is maths, although it’s brought in a sneaky way. Adventures, songs and jokes help Peg, her cat and the other characters of the show to solve problems using basic math skills and concepts, using cooperation, resilience and perseverance. The animation is drawn on graph paper, just like the one used at school. The young audience learns about numbers, shapes and basic mathematical operations without even knowing! Peg + Cat gives preschoolers a strong foundation for later maths classes.

Who are the main characters of Peg + Cat?

Peg: A young girl with an expansive imagination. She explains math-related problems and sings songs while playing on her ukelele.
Cat: Peg's best friend, he is a loyal and helpful sidekick. He loves circles.
Ramone: Peg's other best friend, he helps Peg and Cat to solve their problems.
Pig: Pig loves triangles. He doesn't say much, but he's a very good opera singer.
Big Mouth: A blue space monster who likes to eat all little and yellow things.
Richard: An alien who likes to play with Peg and Cat in space. He cries when he's stressed.
The Neighbor Ladies: Neighbors Viv and Connie try to be nice and help when Cat and Peg have a problem, but they often make it worse.
The Giants: They are Peg and Cats big friends who live up the beanstalk in Fairy Tale Land.
100 Chickens: They live on a farm and travel to space with Peg and Cat.
The Teens: Three older children who love pizza.

Production studio: Fred Rogers Productions

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