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Pinky Malinky

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjoern



Pinky Malinky is a 12-year-old hot dog and middle school student. His dearest wish is to become popular and climb up the social ladder with his two human friends Babs and JJ. Pinky has a very positive attitude towards life and doesn’t see why being a hot dog would hold him back! This animated show is quite absurd but makes up in originality.

Who are the main characters of Pinky Malinky?

Pinky Malinky: The main character, he is a hot dog with legs who loves to joked around. Babs Buttman: Pinky's best friend, she is a hamburger with legs. JJ Jameson: Pinky and Babs' other best friend, he is a French fry with legs. Valerie Malinky: Pinky's mum. She is loud and wears spandex. She is the owner of Crumbbells. Bob Buttman: The older brother of Babs. He is friendly and easy-going and wears a police outfit. Lionel Boon: Pinky's best friend. Zeek Maloney: A student with braces, a fellow Av Club Member. Freddy Fistburger: He tries to be a troublemaker, because that's a family thing. He has a crush on Babs. Dizzy Brentwood: One of Pinky's classmates, she loves to gossip. Eric Malinky: Pinky's stay-at-home father. He likes to teach Pinky valuable life lessons and is very determined.

Production studio: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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