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Rainbow SpA (based on the character created by Carlo Collodi)



This CGI animated version of the famous Pinocchio takes us to Papa Geppetto’s magical toymaker’s shop. His shop is a very special place: it is home to the wooden puppet Pinocchio and his friend the ragdoll Freeda. It is Pinocchio’s dream to become a real little boy, while Freeda wishes to become a real pirate! Their dreams will take them on an amazing journey and guide them through the most incredible adventures. The Blue Fairy is the only one who can help Pinocchio and Freeda to realize their dreams. Join the fun and see if their dreams will become reality.

Who are the main characters of Pinocchio and Friends?

Pinocchio: A wooden boy who is brought to life and dreams of becoming a real boy.
The Talking Cricket: Jiminy Cricket is not a toy but a real cricket to which the Blue Fairy has entrusted the task of keeping an eye on Pinocchio and his friends during her absence. Comically fearful and apprehensive, terrified by the outside world that Pinocchio likes so much, with whom he is a real grouch, the Cricket will inevitably follow the two protagonists in their daily adventures.
Geppetto: Geppetto is a bit of an artisan, a bit of an inventor, a bit of an odd visionary, and he carries on the work of his workshop alone, where old objects come back as new and things never seen come to life. He created Pinocchio and is like a father to him.
The Blue Fairy: Bizarre and surprising, the Blue Fairy is a magical creature with a great passion for shoes, who regularly entrusts missions to Pinocchio: the Fairy has too many requests to fulfill and cannot do everything alone. She lives in a mysterious house in the woods which can only be reached if the Fairy so wishes, together with her beloved dog Medoro and her housekeeper, Agnes. From time to time she also gives school lessons to Pinocchio and Freeda.
Candlewick: Candlewick is a storyteller child, he is not bad but he does everything to be accepted by his companions ... and he does it in the wrong way by trying to impose himself. Unruly, his attitude hides a fragile and insecure character. Pinocchio is a true friend for him, even if he is not the ideal adventure companion for Pinocchio ... when the two are together, there is never a shortage of trouble! Candlewick knows that with Pinocchio there is always fun and is ready to follow him everywhere.
Mangiafuoco: The Fire-eather is a brusque and demanding type, a big fat man, impetuous and rude. He moves aboard his gigantic camper that turns into the traveling Grand Theater, complete with stage, signs and lights. Under his rough skin hides a good disposition and inside him there is still the child of the past, able to get excited and amazed by a beautiful fairy tale or a funny story.
Freeda: The brave pirate doll Freeda is Pinocchio's inseparable friend. Unleashed and fearless, Freeda is always ready to board like a real pirate. When things seem unsolvable, Freeda's nose kicks in and the doll finds a solution to fix things. Freeda is the daughter of the famous pirate Captain Barbadolce and she dreams of becoming a brave pirate like him. Cheerful, impertinent and self-confident, she has a unique talent for solving problems and this makes her the ideal friend for Pinocchio, who helps the puppet behave like a true hero.
Agnes: The housekeeper Agnes, a large snail of indefinable age, takes care of the house of the Blue Fairy. Agnes is an unpredictable character, and is slow only when she feels like it. The Fairy takes her opinion in great consideration: the snail in fact has a keen eye and a keen intuition and she knows how to evaluate the people she has in front of her.
Medoro: It is the four-legged puppy of the Blue Fairy, a big dog with a funny and gruff air, that only obeys the Blue Fairy.
The Cat and the Fox: The Cat and the Fox are crafty, a pair of rogues who live day to day convinced that they are moving in a world populated by chickens to pluck. The Cat and the Fox are adventurers, lazy and ambitious with the dream of a comfortable life made of idleness, wealth and no fatigue. This pushes them to the continuous, feverish search for an easy deal, a naive one to rob or, better still, a treasure to recover.

Production studio: Rainbow SpA

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