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Pixel Pinkie

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Alicia Rackett



Moving into a new town is never easy. Nina is lucky to find a new friend, Anni. To make her feel better, Nina’s parents get her a unique birthday gift : a mobile phone with integrated digital genie to make all her wishes come true! Nina and Anni must keep this a secret, Pixel Pinkie doesn’t want anyone else to know about this! Pixel Pinkie doesn’t always get the job done right, which hugely frustrates the two girls. But the genie draws the line when the girls lack respect: Pixel Pinkie withdraws and leaves the girls to solve their problems on their own!

Who are the main characters of Pixel Pinkie?

Pixel Pinkie: She is a digital genie who lives inside a mobile phone. She can make wishes come true.
Nina Franchine: She is a girl who moves town and gets a mobile phone. She meets Anni.
Anni: She becomes Nina's friend and also finds out about Pixel Pinkie.
Zeph: He's Nina's dad and a sort of hippie.
Fern: Nina's mom.
Suzi: She's the antagonist in the show, she doesn't like Nina and she bullies her.
Emily: Another mean girl, a friend of Suzi.
Nicki: Another mean friend of Suzi.
Max: Suzi's boyfriend.
Barkly: Max's dog, a small pug.

Production studio: Blue Rocket Productions

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