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Country of origin

United States

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Stephen P. Breen and Jennifer Monier-Williams


Ace and Polly are not your ordinary kind of parakeet. When 8-year-old Max and his little sister Gwen are at home, the birds might seem pretty usual pets in a cage, but once the two children set foot out of the house, the two powerbirds transform into superheroes who save the city from any danger and put a stop to numerous villains who plan on ruining Max and Gwen’s life!

Who are the main characters of Powerbirds?

Ace: A yellow parakeet who can turn into a superhero when trouble calls.
Polly: A blue parakeet who can also turn into a superhero like Ace.
Max: An imaginative eight-year-old who owns Polly and Ace.
Gwen: Max’s Little Sister who sometimes plays with him before they both leave to wherever they’re going.
Mrs. Lopez: A bookmobile driver who speaks in a Hispanic accent.
Grandpa Felix: Max’s grandfather who would appear in some episodes prior to the mission and the lesson one of the Powerbirds must remember.
Nibbles: A dog who tries to gain attention to become famous but ends up causing disasters.
Clawdette: Max’s cat and The Powerbirds’ adoptive sister.
Scrapper: A raccoon that likes to try to steal all other people's food, especially his favorite, pizzas.
Minerva: An owl who uses different tools to cause trouble such as bad dream bubbles, magic mirrors, consoles, and more to get herself smarter than the humans are. 1
Asher Stasher: A squirrel that tries to collect stuff for his "collection of shiny things", but sometimes wants stuff that is too big and decides that he either doesn’t want it anyway or gets interrupted by a phone call from his mom.
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