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Pretzel and the Puppies

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Steven Altiere and Kim Howitt (based on the book “Pretzel” by Margret and H.A. Rey)



“Pretzel and the Puppies” is an American animated series that premiered in 2022. It was created by Steven Altiere and Kim Howitt, who based it on the book by Margret and H.A. Rey, the creators of the worldwide phenomenon “Curious George”.

“Pretzel and the Puppies” takes us to the town of Muttgomery, the nicest little city in an all-dog world, and home of Pretzel, Greta, and their five adorable Dachshund puppies: Poppy, Penny, Pedro, Puck, and Paxton. It’s never easy to be a parent, especially when you have five children at once!

Pretzel is the world’s longest dachshund and a peppy, playful, supportive and always positive stay-at-home dad. He takes great care of the five little frisky puppies while his hard-working wife Greta goes to the office as the mayor of Muttgomery. Pretzel uses every inch of his unique physique to nurture and inspire his puppies and to bring them joy.

Pretzel and Greta are a modern dog couple, who have a knack for encouraging their pups to follow their passions and make the world a better place! They encourage the puppies to try to solve their own problems and to always help their four-legged friends and neighbors. The puppies are encouraged to get their paws up to solve problems and “make their bark” on the world, no matter the challenges that are coming their way.

To meet educational standards, “The Learning Policy Institute” senior research fellow and education expert Tony Wagner served as the curriculum expert on the show.

Who are the main characters of Pretzel and the Puppies?

Pretzel: the world's longest Dachshund and stay-at-home dad, who takes care of a litter of five puppies.
Greta: Pretzel's partner, who is the mayor of Muttgomery. She's a smart and warm lady. She's always there to help those in need.
Poppy: one of the puppies, a disabled little dog who can't use her back legs. She goes around in a specially designed wheelchair.
Pippa: one of the two female pups, an artsy little Dachshund.
Pedro: one of the five puppies, a very active and sporty Dachshund.
Puck: one of the five puppies, a very intelligent Dachshund pup. He wears green glasses.
Paxton: one of the three male puppies, a creative Dachshund pup.
Mr. Kibble: one of the neighbours, a Scottish dog.

Production studio: Saturday Animation Studio

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