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Country of origin

South Korea, China and Canada

Creation year



CJ E&M Corporation and DHX Media

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Rainbow Ruby is a young girl who can take on multiple roles in order to help her toy friends, by using her Rainbow Roller.

Who are the main characters of Rainbow Ruby?

Rainbow Ruby: The titular character, she is a young girl who finds herself in the magical world of Rainbow Land.
Max: Rainbow Ruby's best friend, he is a loyal and supportive sidekick.
Bonnie: Rainbow Ruby's other best friend, she is creative and resourceful.
Luna: A mysterious black cat who helps Rainbow Ruby on her adventures.
Mrs. Potts: Rainbow Ruby's kind and nurturing grandmother.
Mr. Potts: Rainbow Ruby's grandfather, he is a bit gruff but has a heart of gold.
Sir Jasper: A knight who helps Rainbow Ruby on her quest.
Queen Emeralda: The ruler of Rainbow Land, she is a fair and just leader.
Duchess Rubylita: The queen's scheming advisor, she is always looking for ways to sabotage Rainbow Ruby.
Prince Leo: The queen's son, he is a brave and heroic prince.
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