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Seru Animation (based on the books by Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph)



“Raven the Little Rascal” is a delightful animated series that revolves around the mischievous and lovable Little Raven and his friends as they embark on various adventures in their forest home. The series, targeting children aged 4-8 years, tells universal stories of friendship, loyalty, and honesty. Each episode presents a new escapade, often involving Little Raven’s playful antics that sometimes lead to trouble but always with a moral lesson.

In German, this series is known as “Der kleine Rabe Socke”

Who are the main characters of Raven the Little Rascal?

Raven: the main character, a small raven known for his red-and-white striped sock that he wears on one foot.
Eddi Bear: a bear who is one of Socke's best friends. He's known for being a bit slow but very kind-hearted.
Mrs. Badger: she acts as a motherly figure in the series, often looking after Socke and his friends.
Mr. Dog: another friend of Socke, he's often involved in the adventures and is known for being loyal and friendly.
Mrs. Magpie: a character who is sometimes portrayed as nosy or a gossip, but also has a caring side.
Frog: a small, green frog who is another of Socke's friends, often seen participating in their adventures.
Beaver: known for his skills in building and crafting, often helping the others with constructions.
Wool: a sheep who is one of the more timid and gentle characters in the series.
Spoon: a hare that is part of Socke's circle of friends, known for his speed and agility.
Sandwich: a pig who loves to eat and is often involved in comic relief.

Production studio: Seru Animation

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