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Ready Jet Go!

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Craig Bartlett


There’s a new kid in town! He didn’t move to Washington from another city, but from another planet, Bortron 7… Jet Propulsion and his family look like humans, but these aliens are no ordinary creatures. They have been sent to Earth to study humans and our natural environment to compile a travel guide. Jet quickly becomes very popular and together with his new friends, he explores how the solar system affects our planet. He also learns a lot about friendship and teamwork. The animated series features live-action segments with astronomer Dr. Amy Mainzer.

Who are the main characters of Ready Jet Go!?

Jet Propulsion: A smart and energetic boy alien from Bortron 7, he is curious and loves to learn about Earth and its inhabitants.
Sean: Jet's human best friend, he is a science enthusiast and is always excited to learn about Jet's alien culture.
Sydney: Sean's little sister, she is curious and imaginative, and loves to play with her brother and Jet.
Mindy: Jet's alien friend, she is a bit shy but is always ready to have fun.
Sunspot: Jet's pet dog, he is loyal and friendly, and loves to play fetch. He has the ears of a rabbit, the body of a kangaroo and the tail of a fox. He's very musical.
Carrot: Jet's father. He often stays home while his wife Celery takes Jet on adventures in space, because he's afraid of going in the flying saucer.
Face 9000: A computer with a cyan face and blue features, who knows everything about science.
Eggplant: Jet's aunt. She's an intergalactic travel writer.
Zerk: Jet's cousin, an energetic and hyperactive boy.
Mindy: A 5-year-old girl who's not allowed to go into space yet.

Production studio: Kickstart Entertainment

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