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Rescue Heroes

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Country of origin

Canada and China

Creation year





We all love heroes: firefighters, soldier, police officers, … Rescue Heroes puts the spotlight on a team of various rescuers who save people and animals all around the world. Whenever there’s an accident or a natural disaster, Billy and his team are called in to help. In every episode, a particular set of tips and practices are given to the young audience, to show how they should handle emergency situations, like a forest fire or a road accident. The Rescue Heroes’ motto is ” Think like a Rescue Hero, think safe”.

Who are the main characters of Rescue Heroes?

Billy Blazes: The leader of the Rescue Heroes, he's a Canadian firefighter.
Wendy Waters: A female Rescue Hero, she's the second-in-command and also a firefighter.
Rocky Canyon: A strong and muscular hero, he's a mountain climbing specialist.
Jake Justice: He is a police officer who becomes a Rescue Hero after catching a wanted criminal.
Ariel Flyer: She's a flight and wildlife specialist. She used to be a stunt pilot.
Jack hammer: The team's construction worker.
Al Pine: He's an arctic rescue specialist and uses his St. Bernard dog Windchill to help him rescue people.
Bob Buoy: He's a scuba diver and submarine operator.
Pat Pending: He's the chief equipment designer of the Rescue Heroes.
Roger Houston: An astronaut and communications officer.

Production studio: Nelvana Enterprises

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Rescue Heroes Theme Song

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