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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Blue Sky Studios with Carlos Saldanha



The 3D computer-animated film Rio (and later Rio 2 and 3) follows the adventures of Blu, a male Spix’s macaw who was smuggled out of Brazil and is found by a little girl called Linda in Minnesota, when his crate falls off the truck. Blu is raised by Linda, who owns a bookstore. Because Blu is so tame and unable to fly, he is often ridiculed by other birds. One day, Linda and Blu are invited to Rio de Janeiro by ornithologist Tulio, where Blu needs to mate with the last known female macaw, Jewel. Both macaws are then captured by Fernando to be sold on the black market. Blu and Jewel manage to escape and meet a lot of animal friends in the jungle. When Jewel is in great danger, Blu eventually finds out that he can fly. Blu and Jewel raise 3 chicks together and they go on to live in the jungle to protect it from smugglers.

Who are the main characters of Rio?

Blue: A rare Spix's macaw who is the last of his kind. He is shy and reserved.
Jewel: A rare Spix's macaw who is the last of her kind. She is mischievous and fiery.
Rafael: A Toco toucan who is Jewel's best friend. He is outgoing and fun-loving.
Luiz: A bulldog who is Rafael's best friend. He is loyal and protective.
Nico: A canary who is a member of Rafael's band. He is energetic and enthusiastic.
Pedro: A red-capped cardinal who is a member of Rafael's band. He is brave and daring.
Tulio: A human ornithologist who is studying the Spix's macaws. He is kind and dedicated.
Linda: A human journalist who is helping Tulio with his research. She is curious and tenacious.
Nigel: A cockatoo who is Jewel's arch-nemesis. He is vain and self-centered.
Mauro: A marmoset who is Nigel's henchman. He is sneaky and sly.
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