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Unofficial Robocar Poli cartoon wiki page

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All you need to know about

Robocar Poli

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Country of origin

South Korea

Creation year



Lee Dong-woo



Robocar Poli follows the missions of rescue vehicles Poli, Amber, Roy, Helly and Jin. Brooms Town is full of dangerous situations, but the Robocars have everything under control !

Who are the main characters of Robocar Poli?

Poli: A blue and white police car who is the main protagonist of the series. He is brave and always puts others before himself.
Amber: A pink and white ambulance who is Poli's best friend. She has quick judgment and cares for all beings. She has great computer skills.
Roy: A red and yellow fire truck who is one of the robocars. He is calm and reliable, and is the strongest of the team.
Helly: A green and yellow helicopter, also a member of the robocar team. She has a positive mindset and has high performance search and information transmission abilities.
Jin: A human who is the leader of the rescue squad. She is an inventor.
Carry: A dark blue aircraft, part of the Mountain Rescue Team.
Mark: The leader of the Mountain Rescue Team. He is an orange pickup truck.
Bucky: The third member of the Mountain Rescue Team, a yellow dune buggy car.
Keaton: He's a member of the Desert Rescue Team and provides medical attention and refuelling in the desert.
Droney: He belongs to the Sandville Rescue Team and helps out in the desert.

Production studio: RoiVisual

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