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Robot Trains

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Country of origin

South Korea

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In Train World, where all the citizens are trains, some of them can transform themselves into robots. These Robot Trains have special powers and experience great adventures. But Train World is threatened by evil dark forces, and the Robot Trains must defend their fellow citizens.

Who are the main characters of Robot Trains?

Kay: A brave and courageous robot train who has the ability to warp space time. His most famous skill is the Magnetic Overdrive skill.
Duke: He's an evil, violent and destructive black and gray train who was infected by a virus. When healthy, he's kind and quiet.
Victor: He's a dark blue, yellow and red robot train. He's one of the main characters.
Genie: She's a yellow, orange and white female robot. She always speaks her mind and takes good care of her friends.
Alf: He's a red and blue robot train who is very responsible and likes to help others.
Maxie: A pink and white robot train, the youngest member of the Railwatch team. She has extra speed and power.
Duck: A 10-year-old amphibious train. He is the leader of Train World.
Sally: She's a 5-year-old female robot train who is the team's computer expert.
Jeffrey: He's an older green and yellow passenger train robot. He is the mentor of Kay and the other robot trains.
Janne: She is a normal train that can't leave her home station. She has a crush on Kay.
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