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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Arlene Klasky and Gábor Csupó


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Rocket Power tells the adventures of a gang of four friends. They are all very sporty and perfectionist. They spend all of their free time playing extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, street hockey etc.

Who are the main characters of Rocket Power?

Rocket Power: Otto Rocket - The main protagonist of the show, he is a daredevil skateboarder with a big heart.
Reggie Rocket - Otto's older sister, she is a talented inline skater.
Sam Dullard - Otto and Reggie's best friend, he is a loyal and reliable member of the group.
Twister Rodriguez - Otto and Reggie's other best friend, he is an adventurous BMX rider.
Tito Makani - Otto, Reggie, and Twister's friend and neighbor, he is a talented surfer.
Raymundo Portillo - Tito's father, he is a laid-back surfer and owner of the local surf shop.
Luanne Makani - Tito's mother, she is a loving and supportive parent.
Sheldon J. Plankton - Otto, Reggie, Sam, and Twister's nemesis, he is a greedy and diabolical businessman.
Mrs. Puff - Sheldon's assistant, she is a long-suffering and put-upon victim of his schemes.
Squidward Tentacles - Sheldon's other assistant, he is a grumpy and disgruntled octopus.

Production studio: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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