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Rocko’s Modern Life

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Joe Murray



Rocko’s Modern Life follows the adventures of Rocko, an anthropomorphic Australian-immigrant wallaby and his three friends : the steer Heffner, the turtle Filburt and Rocko’s pet dog Spunky. Rocko is easily frightened and encounters various dilemmas and problems in his daily life. All the other characters in the series are animals as well, and most of them are mentally unstable. The series contains a lot of adult humor, satire and social commentary.

Who are the main characters of Rocko's Modern Life?

Rocko: A wallaby who is the main character of the series. He is an immigrant from Australia who works at a comic book store.
Heffer Wolfe: A steer who is Rocko's best friend. He is obese and has a voracious appetite.
Filburt: A turtle who is Rocko's other best friend. He is neurotic and often feels awkward or disturbed.
Spunky: Rocko's faithful dog.
Ed Bighead: A cynical and cantankerous toad who lives next door to Rocko. He despises Rocko.
Bev Bighead: Ed's wife. She is more friendly and compassionate than her husband.
Mr. Smitty: The owner of the comic book store where Rocko works. He is a cruel toad.
Peaches: The owner of Heck, a place of eternal torment.

Production studio: Joe Murray Studio

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