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Rocky Kwaterner

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Elastik Jane and Pepper Sue



Rocky, a young boy from the prehistoric quaternary era, accidentally gets trapped in the ice while on a mammoth hunt. About 35,000 year later, his body is discovered and extracted from the ice. When he miraculously comes back to life, archeologist Mary Tikka decides to take him home! All of a sudden, Rocky finds himself in the suburbs with a new brother and sister who try to teach him everything about modern life! But the evil professor Torpille will do anything in his power to freeze Rocky again to use him as an exhibit.

Who are the main characters of Rocky Kwaterner?

Rocky: A 10-year-old Cromagnon boy who stays frozen in ice for 35,000 years, before being found by a paleontologist who adopts him.
Mary Tikka: The paleontologist who discovers Rocky in a block of ice, and decides to integrate him in her family.
Theo and Luna: Mary's children, who now become Rocky's siblings.
Professor Torpille: The evil professor who wants to freeze Rocky back so that he can him in a freak show.
Mortissia: A goth girl from school.
Omar: A boy from school.
Maggy: Luna's best friend.
Djibril: One of Theo's friends.
Aunt Lucy: Luna and Theo's aunt.
Pierre: Mary's husband, and Luna and Theo's dad.

Production studio: Peekaboo Animation

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