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Michael Milligan (aka MCM)


The series RollBots is set in Flip City, where all the inhabitants get around by transforming themselves into spheres and rolling as they go. Spin, Captain Pounder and the other members of the Flip City Police Department work together to fight crime. They especially track every move of the evil Vertex and his henchbots, who try to shut down the hub in order to take control of Flip City.

Who are the main characters of RollBots?

Spin: The main character of the series and the last member of the Zushin tribe. The fastest RollBot in Flip City, Spin's bot mods include Skyv boots, hyper-speed, and boomstick.
Captain Pounder: Head of the Kei'zatsu tribe and captain of the FCPD. His equipment includes a shield charger, Torvoldian throwing armour, and thunder punch.
Penny: Originally from the Kuzuri tribe, Penny is a doctor on loan to the FCPD. She was banished from her tribe after interfering with an important surgical operation on Mayor Aria's assistant.
Lance: An office administrator at the FCPD, Lance is from the Kei'zatsu tribe. He is not very strong, cannot roll very fast, and can get scared very easily.
Tinny: A BotTot (young RollBot) from the Kei'zatsu tribe. He is in school, but spends a lot of time with Spin, who lets him try dangerous things.
Bunto: A member of the Kei'zatsu tribe and the FCPD. He is a higher-ranking officer who is often seen commanding a squad of FCPD bots.
Vertex: A notorious villain and Flip City's most wanted individual. He is the main antagonist of the series, and is suspected to be a Spiderbot.
Manx: A renegade Kei'zatsu who is now Vertex's head henchbot. She has previously worked at the FCPD, though her reason for defecting and joining Vertex are unknown.
Botch: A member of Vertex's gang. He is reckless and often makes careless mistakes.
Vett: A member of Vertex's gang. She is a skilled fighter and is often seen leading Vertex's henchbots into battle.
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