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Romain Gadiou


Always dressed in black, Rosie is an unpredictable, selfish and careless little girl who likes nothing more than do nothing all day, sit in front of the television and eat ice cream… But when she even gets bored of that, she goes over to bully her shy, red headed neighbour Olive! The poor boy thinks Rosie is his friend, but she only makes fun of him… Because of her obnoxious personality, Rosie only has one true friend, the imaginary green sheep Blackie. She tells him all her deepest secrets because she knows he will never criticise her. Each episode of Rosie is only 2 minutes long, giving just enough time for enough humor. The series is also known as Cheeky Missy.

Who are the main characters of Rosie?

Rosie: The main character of the cartoon, a lazy little girl who loves watching television and eating ice cream. She's unpredictable, mean and arrogant.
Olive: Rosie's red-haired neighbour. He's very nice and sweet, and would love to become Rosie's friend. Unfortunately, Rosie only uses him whenever she gets bored.
Blackie: Rosie's imaginary friend, a green sheep. He's Rosie's only friend.
Eve Calendula: A strict and pretentious lady, who always wants to be the best at everything. She strongly dislikes Rosie.
Anne-Flo Calendula: Eve Calendula's daughter, the seemingly perfect child.
Brice Calendula: Anne-Flo's father.
Mom: Rosie's mum, who is never seen in the series. Only her voice is heard. She's excessively nice and gives Rosie all sorts of ridiculously cute nicknames.

Production studio: 2 Minutes

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