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Country of origin

Canada and France

Creation year



Nelvana (based on character by Mary Tourtel)


Intelligent and funny Rupert Bear loves to travel to all the corners of the world, where he has made many friends over time. Rupert loves discovering new places and people, have great adventures, unravel mysteries and expose villains. The cartoon is very much inspired by the Nordic culture, with beautiful scenery, castles and creatures.

Who are the main characters of Rupert?

Rupert Bear - a considerate, smart, resourceful, brave, trusty, good-spirited bear who is extremely popular with all the residents in Nutwood.
Mr. Bear - Rupert's father who is much more clumsy and forgetful compared to Rupert.
Mrs. Bear - Rupert's mother who is wise and often offers advice to Rupert who later uses it during his adventures.
Bill Badger - Rupert's best friend who often presents a lot of flaws, such as cowardice, impatience, clumsiness, a quick temper, and a horrible singing voice.
Podgy Pig - a jolly, yet greedy and not very bright pig with a large appetite.
Pong Ping - a Pekingese from China who owns an elevator that can travel underground all the way to China.
Tiger Lily - Rupert's female and Chinese friend.
Algy Pug - Rupert's friend, a pug who often overestimates his abilities and takes a lot of pride in himself.
Edward Trunk - an elephant, very kind, sensitive and strong.
Gregory Guinea Pig - a very kind guinea pig and another friend of Rupert.
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