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Allen Bohbot


Where do superhero kids – and their super-powered pets – go to learn to use their powers and save the day? Welcome to Camp SMASH in Germany, where these superheroes-in-training, and their super pet sidekicks, all learn to work together, become great friends and POWER UP, TEAM UP, AND SAVE THE DAY!

Like most summer camps, SMASH has lots of fun activities, from canoe races to arts and crafts, camp songs to campfire cookouts, but the best part of camp is when the campers – Streak (France), Rocket (South Africa), Flare (Scotland) and Vitória (Brazil) – transform into mini-versions of their famous super parents (Silver Streak, Rocket Man, Flame and Torpedo).

After the campers transform, they hold up their hands and “high-five” their dogs paws – “Paws Up!” The moment their paws and hands connect, the pups transform, too! When the Super Campers transform, they turn into miniature versions of their super-powered parents. And they have their family’s superpowers, too: Rocket can fly, Flare shoots laser beams, Streak is su-per-fast and Tori is super strong. Each Super Canine has a superpower, too.
However, even though these pets are super-powered and super-smart, they are not anthropomorphic, and they don’t speak “human”. But their lack of language skills isn’t a problem because these clever pups communicate with their owners using barks, yips, growls and howls – and each superhero always understands exactly what their pup is trying to tell them.

At Camp SMASH, the kids are practicing their superpowers and training their pups – combining their powers in order to POWER UP, TEAM UP and

Who are the main characters of S.M.A.S.H!?

Rocket: he's from South Africa, and is the son of Rocket Man, a famous superhero. He can fly.
Streak: he comes from France and is the son of Silver Streak, another famous superhero. Streak's superpower is super speed.
Flare: she hails from Scotland and is the daughter of Flame, a famous superhero. Flare can shoot laser beams.
Vitória: she comes from Brazil and is the daughter of the superhero Torpedo. She is nicknamed Tori and she is super strong.
Doc Damage: the villain of the series.
Rio: she's Tori's dog, a large brown animal with a green collar.
Felicity: she's Streak's dog, a cute white, light brown and black dog. She wears a purple and white collar.
Lightning: he's Rocket's dog, a brown and white sausage dog. He wears a yellow and blue collar.
Blaze: he's Flare's dog, a brown pug. He wears a red and yellow collar.

Production studio: 41 Entertainment

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