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Country of origin

United States and Canada

Creation year



Joseph Jacques (based on the book by Amy Tan, “The Chinese Siamese Cat”)



The animated series “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat” is set in China during the late Qing dynasty, around 1895-1912. It revolves around the life of Sagwa, a royal family cat with the ability to write with her tail, and her day-to-day adventures and learning experiences. The show is known for its intentional cross-cultural approach, featuring messages about family obligations, loyalty, and valuable life lessons. The series is based on the children’s book of the same name by Amy Tan and is set in the modern-day Fujian province. The plot focuses on Sagwa’s experiences, her family, and other characters such as Fu-Fu the bat, with each episode typically accompanied by moral lessons, as is common in children’s shows.

Who are the main characters of Sagwa?

Sagwa Miao: she is known for her adventurous spirit, empathy, and determination. She is curious about the world around her and often finds herself in situations where she learns valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, and responsibility. She was born a white cat, but fell into a pot of ink, hence her markings.
Dongwa Miao: Sagwa's older brother, Dongwa, can be a bit mischievous and impulsive, but he also has a caring and protective side, especially when it comes to his sisters. Throughout the series, Dongwa learns the importance of thinking before acting and taking responsibility for his choices.
Sheegwa Miao: the youngest of the Miao siblings is characterized by her adventurous nature and quick thinking. She often surprises her family with her resourcefulness and problem-solving skills, demonstrating that even the youngest members of the family can make meaningful contributions.
Baba Miao: Sagwa's father is portrayed as wise, patient, and loving. He provides guidance to his children and encourages them to embrace their individuality while also emphasizing the importance of family values and traditions.
Mama Miao: Sagwa's mother is nurturing and supportive. She instills important life lessons in her children and serves as a role model for kindness, compassion, and resilience.
Yeye Miao: Sagwa's grandfather is depicted as a source of wisdom and tradition in the family. He shares stories from the past and imparts valuable knowledge to his grandchildren, helping them understand their heritage and the significance of their cultural identity.
Fu-Fu Miao: a bat who is a loyal friend to Sagwa and her siblings. He is known for his playful nature and unwavering support for the Miao family, often joining them on their adventures and offering a different perspective on various situations.

Production studio: CinéGroupe

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