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Sea Princesses (Princesas Do Mar)

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Based on a series of Brazilian children’s books Princesas Do Mar, this animated series takes place in Salacia, a hidden underwater kingdom inhabited by princes and princesses who champion different animals. To protect their fragile world, the young royals are not allowed to have any contact with the people from the mainland, Terra Firma. But luckily there is always plenty to do in the ocean. Sea princesses Polvina, Tubarina and Ester take part in many adventures and solve various mysteries.

Who are the main characters of Sea Princesses?

Polvina: The main character, the pink Sea Princess of the Octopus. She is shy and quiet.
Ester: Polvina's best friend, the yellow Sea Princess of the Starfish. She is curious, loves to read and stay informed.
Tubarina: Polvina's other best friend, she is the blue Sea Princess of the Sharks. She's the daughter of King Shark, one of the most powerful kings of the ocean.
Marcelo: The Sea Prince of the Hammerhead Sharks, he is Tubarina's cousin. He's very competitive and likes to tease girls.
Bia: The Sea Princess of the Abyssal Kingdom. She has a scepter of light and goes to night school.
Hugo and Tata: They are the Prince and Princesses of Turtles.
Marli: The Princess of Swordsfish, an arrogant girl who always wants to be the best at everything.
Isa: The Princess of the Penguins, who lives on the South Pole.
Julie and Jessie: .

Production studio: Southern Star Entertainment

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