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Based on character by Mine Yoshizaki


The anime series Sgt. Frog follows a group of five, froglike alien soldiers known as The Keroro Platoon from Planet Keron. Their goal is to conquer Pekopon, or Earth, but unfortunately they always fail. The platoon has a very incompetent leader, Sergeant Keroro, who prefers watching TV or making plastic models instead of conquering the blue planet.

Who are the main characters of Sgt. Frog?

Sgt. Frog: The leader of the Keroro Platoon, a group of frog-like alien soldiers from Planet Keron.
Private Second Class Tamama: A member of the Keroro Platoon who is adorable but violent.
Corporal Giroro: A member of the Keroro Platoon who is bellicose yet tenderhearted.
Sergeant Major Kururu: A member of the Keroro Platoon who is intelligent but mischievous.
Lance Corporal Dororo: A member of the Keroro Platoon who is disciplined but traumatized.
Natsumi Hinata: The human caretaker of Giroro who falls in love with him.
Fuyuki Hinata: The human caretaker of Keroro who considers the sergeant his only true friend.
Mutsumi Saburo: The human caretaker of Kururu who is just as mischievous as him.
Koyuki Azumaya: The human caretaker of Dororo who is a fellow ninja.
Momoka Nishizawa: The human caretaker of Tamama who is just as bipolar as him.
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