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Space Chickens in Space

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Country of origin

Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom and Ireland

Creation year



José C. García de Letona and Rita Street

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Chuck, Starley and Finley are three chickens who are abducted from their home by aliens. They find themselves mistakingly enrolled in a high-profile intergalactic Slurp academy, where they are supposed to represent Earth and learn combat skills and diplomacy. Unfortunately, the three siblings aren’t very successful in the programme, but luckily they have enough wit, strength and team spirit to make it through each day in their new extraterrestrial home.

Who are the main characters of Space Chickens in Space?

Chuck: Leader of the chicken siblings who is cool, daring, and wacky.
Finley: Smart chicken who is the brains of the siblings.
Starley: Loving chicken who is the middle sister.
Glargg: Mean spirited principle of slurp who is quick to yell.
Niven: Female blue alien who hates the chickens.
PAL 9000: Finley's best friend who is a robot.
Narcy: A friend of Starley's who helps stop the rogue robot.
Adele: A student who is Finley's intellectual equal.
The Supreme Chickeness: A mysterious being who helps or hinders Starley's quest to fly.
Killbot: A robot who is programmed to be the perfect best friend.
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