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Spidey and his Amazing Friends

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Marvel (based on Spiderman character created by Stan Lee)



The all-time favourite superhero Spiderman is back on television with the younger version of himself: Spidey! Spidey and his amazing friends need to work closely together to fend off villains and save the people. Together with Spin, Ghost-Spider, the spider-bot Trace-E and Web-Ster the super-computer, the young Spiderman manages to fight the well-known villains Green Goblin, Dock Ock, Electro, Black Cat and others. If the situation gets really tricky, other superheroes come to the rescue to save the day! The young Black Panther, Ms Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man make appearances in this computer-animated high-energy superhero series. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with so much action!

Who are the main characters of Spidey and his Amazing Friends?

Spidey: A young, teenage superhero who is still learning how to use his powers.
Spin: Spidey's best friend, who helps him fight crime and protect the city. He is also known as Miles Morales in daily life.
Green Goblin: Spidey's arch-nemesis, who is always trying to defeat him. He rides on a glider and throws nasty pumpkin bombs.
Doc Ock: A villain with mechanical tentacles. She is aided by a group of robots called the Octobots.
Rhino: A villain that looks like a rhinoceros.
Sandman: A villain made of sand, who can control the sand around him to attack his enemies.
Black Cat: She is a thief, who dresses as a cat.
Hulk: One of Spidey's allies. He is a gamma-powered superhero.
Reptil: He fights on Spidey's side. He can transform into all kinds of different dinosaurs.
Ghost-Spider: One of Spidey's best friends, also known as Gwen Stacy in real life. She can also use webs.

Production studio: Atomic Cartoons

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