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Spirit Rangers

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Karissa Valencia



Spirit Rangers tells the story of Kodi, Summer and Eddy Skycedar, three Native American siblings, whose parents work as park rangers in a national park in California. By using the magical power of their amulets, they can transform into spirits and teleport into a magical spirit dimension. Kodi becomes a blue grizzly bear, Summer transforms into a red-tailed hawk and Eddy becomes a cute little turtle. In their spirit form, the children have all sorts of magical powers, which they use in collaboration with older spirits to save nature and rescue animals in need in the national park.

Who are the main characters of Spirit Rangers?

Summer: One of the three Skycedar siblings, who can transform into a red-tailed hawk.
Kodi: The eldest of the Skycedar siblings, who can transform into a grizzly bear cub.
Eddy: The youngest of the Skycedar siblings, who can transform into a turtle
Mom: She is a Native American, who works as a park ranger.
Dad: He is a Native American, who also works as a park ranger in a park in California.
Lizard: A green lizard, a great friend to the Skycedar siblings.
Coyote: A funny red coyote, who helps the Skycedar siblings on their missions.

Production studio: Superprod Animation

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