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Simon Raccioppa and Richard Elliott



The animated cartoon Spliced is based on H.G. Wells’ “The Island of Doctor Moreau”, where mutants roam the land. In Spliced, new species are the result of genetic experiments created by recombinant DNA. When their creator, a mad scientist, is arrested and led removed from the tropical “Keep Away Island”, the mutants are left behind. There is only one real animal on the island, Patricia the platypus, who happened to live there. The cartoon follows the adventures of the mutants as they try to make the best of their spliced lives.

Who are the main characters of Spliced?

Peri: The main character of the cartoon, who's name is short for Failed Experiment 13. He's a mutant of a fox and an octopus.
Entrée: He's Peri's best friend. He consists of many parts: a cow's udders, the body of a pig, a chicken's wings and comb and the tail of a shrimp. His teats can timetravel and give light effects. He lives in a giant pizza oven.
Two-legs Joe: He's a grumpy rhinoceros on two legs, who is the mayor of the town. That's why he wears a high hat.
Wingus: A bird-like creature who lives on Joe's rear end. Two-legs Joe is a mutant growth on Wingus' leg.
Patricia: A female platypus, and the only creature that is not spliced.
Princess Pony Apehands: An aggressive mutant with the head and tail of a pony and the body of an ape.
Compuhorse: A horse with a computer for a brain, who speaks through his keyboard.
Fuzzy Snuggums: An explorer on the island.
Mister Smarty Smarts: An evil mutant of a dolphin, a chimp and a Jack Russell Terrier, who tries to take over the island.
Octocat: A mutant of a cat and an octopus, who is Mister Smarty Smarts sidekick.

Production studio: Nelvana Enterprises

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