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Steven Universe Future

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United States

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Rebecca Sugar



This show is a sequel to the original “Steven Universe” series, and to the movie “Steven Universe: The Movie”. In this series, Steven and the Crystal Gems have built Little Homeworld, a community where they can all live together peacefully. At “Little Homeschool”, Steven teaches the Gems and others how to find their new home in the universe, as well as their purpose in life. While educating others, Steven also tries to figure out his own future.

Who are the main characters of Steven Universe Future?

Steven Universe/Monster Steven: He is the son of a human and a Gem, which gives him magical powers, which he uses to protect humanity and helping others.
Garnet: She is one of the last Gems on Earth and the leader of the Crystal Gems.
Amethyst: She is a member of the Crystal Gems and helps her friends to protect the Earth.
Pearl: She is also a member of the Crystal Gems, all while teaching Steven the ways of the Gems.
Peridot: She got stranded on Earth. She used to be an enemy of the Crystal Gems, but later made peace with them.
Greg Universe: He's Steven's father and used to be in a relationship with Rose Quartz, who is Steven's mother.
Connie Maheswaran: She's Steven's best friend, and later became his girlfriend.
Ruby: She fused with Sapphire and thus became Garnet.
Sapphire: She is a Crystal Gem, who has future vision. She accidentally fused with Ruby, to form Garnet.
Lapis Lazuli: This Crystal Gem was imprisoned in a magic mirror for thousands of years. She got freed by Steven.

Production studio: Cartoon Network Studios

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