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Steven Universe

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Rebecca Sugar


Steven Universe tells the story of a young boy, Steven Universe, who lives with magical, humanoid aliens called the Crystal Gems, in the fictional town of Beach City. Steven, who is himself a half-Gem, has adventures with his friends and helps the Gems protect the world from their own kind. Steven explores the abilities inherited from his mother, Rose Quartz, who was the Gem’s former leader. These powers include fusion, the ability of Gems to merge their bodies and abilities to form new, more powerful personalities.

Who are the main characters of Steven Universe?

Steven Universe: The main protagonist, he is a half-human, half-Gem who is learning to use his powers.
Garnet: A Gems who is the leader of the Crystal Gems, she is strong and level-headed.
Amethyst: A Gem who is the rebel of the Crystal Gems, she is impulsive and wild.
Pearl: A Gem who is the brains of the Crystal Gems, she is intelligent and resourceful.
Peridot: A Gem who is a former enemy of the Crystal Gems, she is sarcastic and short-tempered.
Lapis Lazuli: A Gem who is a former enemy of the Crystal Gems, she is cynical and weary.
Jasper: A Gem who is a former enemy of the Crystal Gems, she is aggressive and violent.
Bismuth: A Gem who is a former Crystal Gem, she is loyal and brave.
Rose Quartz: Steven's mother, she is the founder of the Crystal Gems.
White Diamond: The leader of the Gems, she is cold and distant.
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