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Robin Steele and Brianne Leary



Stacy and Bradley are two best friends who face the same problems as everybody else while growing up: problems with friendships, family, school,… To cope with all these problems, they use hand-drawn adventures and come up with brilliant ideas to solve them. With their drawings, they can become who they want and have all sorts of superpowers to defeat their bullies and enemies.

Who are the main characters of Stickin' Around?

Stacy: The main character, she is an 8-year-old tomboyish girl who is always up for an adventure.
Bradley: Stacy's best friend, a 9-year-old with thick glasses and a red cap. He's got a very big imagination, and thinks he's a secret agent, a robot or an alien, giving himself superhero names.
Frank: Stacy's obese wiener dog, who's very lazy.
Lester: Bradley's pet, a chameleon who causes a lot trouble.
Lance: The school bully, a boy who especially picks on Bradley.
Russell: Lance's best friend, who's got a horrible body odour.
Polly: Lance's half-sister, who walks around with her already dead pet poodle.
Dill: Stacy and Bradley's very loud friend.
Stella and Stanley Stickler: Stacy's divorced parents.
Ms. Mobley: Stacy and Stanley's teacher.

Production studio: Nelvana Enterprises

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