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Country of origin

United Kingdom

Creation year



Yoshimi & Katoi and Josh Weinstein


“Strange Hill High” is a British children’s television show that combines an innovative mix of puppetry, CGI, and stop-motion animation. It originally aired from 2013 to 2014. The show is set in a fictional and quirky inner-city school, Strange Hill High, known for its mysterious and supernatural occurrences.

The series primarily follows the adventures of three main characters: Mitchell Tanner, a new student who is often skeptical of the strange events; Becky Butters, an enthusiastic and optimistic girl; and Templeton, a nerd who loves facts and logic. Together, they explore the various mysteries and oddities of Strange Hill High, often leading to whimsical and bizarre adventures.

“Strange Hill High” is notable for its unique animation style, which involves the use of advanced puppetry combined with CGI to create a distinctive look. The show has a strong emphasis on humor, with jokes and gags appealing to both children and adults. The plots often revolve around the exploration of the school’s strange phenomena, which include everything from time loops and alternate dimensions to sentient textbooks and talking gargoyles.

Who are the main characters of Strange Hill High?

Mitchell Tanner: the main protagonist, a new student who is often skeptical about the bizarre occurrences at Strange Hill High. He's known for his rebellious attitude and quick wit.
Becky Butters: another central character, Becky is optimistic, friendly, and always eager to dive into the mysteries of the school. She often serves as the moral compass of the group.
Templeton: the third member of the main trio, Templeton is intelligent and fact-driven, obsessed with logic and often providing crucial information needed to solve the mysteries.
Mr. Abercrombie: the enigmatic and grumpy headmaster of Strange Hill High. He is a key figure in many of the school's mysteries and has a deeper connection to the school's secrets.
Coach: a gym teacher at Strange Hill High known for his tough demeanor and often bizarre training methods.
Stitch: a smaller character in physical size but significant in impact, Stitch is a creature made of lost and forgotten items found around the school.
Mr. Balding: a teacher at the school, characterized by his lack of hair and rather dry personality.
Croydonia: a gothic student, she represents the more unconventional students at Strange Hill High.
Miss Grackle: a teacher with a somewhat mysterious aura, often involved in the school's unusual events.
Lenard: a student at Strange Hill High, known for his unique traits and often involved in various plots throughout the series.

Production studio: Factory

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