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Sunny Bunnies

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Andrey Ledenev, Andrey Tolkachev, Sergey Gashnikov



The Sunny Bunnies are a group of adorable and funny creatures who live on the Sun. Through a secret passage, they can fly to the Earth where they have all sorts of fun-filled adventures. You will find Sunny Bunnies wherever there is light, even if it’s just a sparkle. Anywhere they go, the Bunnies will always find exciting games to play and funny things to do. Whenever a problem arises, these good-spirited creatures will find a solution thanks to their determination and team spirit. Hop along with the cute little Sunny Bunnies!

Who are the main characters of Sunny Bunnies?

Turbo: A 5-year-old orange bunny who is the leader of the other bunnies. He has a short temper and is quite arrogant.
"Big" Boo: A round pink 6-year-old bunny. He's very cheerful and happy. He loves eating ice cream.
Iris: A purple bunny with a large polka dot bow in her hair. She's artistic and intelligent.
Shiny: A 3-year-old bunny who's Iris' sister. She is light blue and wears a flower in her hair.
Hopper: The youngest bunny of the group. He is cute and green, but he has a short temper and is very impatient.
The Big Gray Wolf: He comes from the Moon and wants to catch and eat the bunnies.
Robot S-Marty: An orderly robot, who's responsible for keeping the park tidy.

Production studio: Animation Cafe

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