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Paula Rosenthal


Super Kitties is a Disney animated series that premiered in January 2023. It follows the adventures of a group of four young kittens who possess extraordinary abilities. The show is aimed at preschoolers and combines humor, action, and heartwarming moments that make it a hit.

The series centers around a group of four cats who go by the names of Ginny, Sparks, Buddy, and Bitsy. Each of these felines has a unique power that makes them special and helps to solve any trouble in their city of Kittydale. Whenever they are called by someone, the cats’ collars flash and the words “Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat” can be heard. The four kittens then go to their underground headquarters underneath the indoor playground where they live, and transform into the Super Kitties.

Ginny is the leader of the group, and she has super claws that allow her to climb high and poke objects. Sparks is the group’s team’s techie, who uses his Super Kitty Kit full of gadgets that help them on their missions. The Super Kitty Kit can also transform into any form of transportation. Buddy has super-strength and can perform a “furball blitz”, a move that allows him to roll into objects. Bitsy is the group’s speedster, thanks to her “Bitsy Boots”. She’s also the owner of a vlog and records all of adventures.

The show’s animation is top-notch, with bright colors, sharp lines, and a playful style that makes it visually appealing to children. The characters are designed with unique personalities, which are highlighted through their dialogue and actions throughout the series.

What sets Super Kitties apart from other animated series is its strong message of teamwork and friendship. The cats work together to solve problems and defeat villains, and their bond is an essential part of the show’s narrative. The series teaches children the value of friendship, and how working together can lead to great accomplishments.

Super Kitties is not only entertaining but also educational. Each episode has a problem that needs to be solved, and the cats use their skills and knowledge to find a solution. The show encourages children to think critically and creatively, and it also teaches them about important values such as loyalty, bravery, and kindness.

Who are the main characters of Super Kitties?

Ginny: a red-haired tabby cat, the leader of the Super Kitties. She wears a pink superhero suit. Her super claws allow her to climb up high and poke objects.
Sparks: a yellow-haired cat, who wears a purple superhero suit. He's the smartest one of the group and is very tech-savvy. His Super Kitty Kit can produce any gadget and transform into any type of transportation.
Buddy: a large grey cat with a red superhero suit. He's Sparks' brother and is super strong. He can roll into objects by performing a "furball blitz".
Bitsy: she the smallest Super Kitty and also the newest member. She is super fast thanks to her "Bitsy Boots".
Amara: the owner of the indoor playground where the Super Kitties live.
Sam and Eddie: two pigeons from Kittydale, who often call on the Super Kitties.
Captain FluffNStuff: a dog from Kittydale, who often calls on the Super Kitties when there is trouble in the city.
Cat Burglar: the main antagonist of the series, a grey tabby cat who steals things.
Lab Rat: a rat scientist who creates high-tech devices to get what she wants. She mostly wants cheese.
Zsa Zsa and her Squad: a vain cockatoo and her helpers.

Production studio: Sony Pictures Television

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