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Country of origin

United States and Canada

Creation year



Studio Espinosa


“Sushi Pack” is a delightful American animated series that brings a unique twist to the world of sushi. Set in the bustling city of Wasabiton, the show follows the adventures of a group of anthropomorphic sushi ingredients who come to life and form a superhero team known as the Sushi Pack.

The main characters of the series are Maguro, a fearless tuna roll; Ikura, a playful salmon roe; Kani, a witty crab stick; Tako, a lovable octopus; and Wasabi, a spirited dollop of wasabi. Each character possesses their own special abilities and, together, they use their powers to protect Wasabiton from the evil schemes of their nemesis, the villainous villain and his henchmen.

In each episode, the Sushi Pack faces various challenges and villains who threaten the peace and harmony of the city. From battling an army of robotic spiders to foiling a plot to turn all the sushi rolls into human-sized snacks, the Sushi Pack showcases their teamwork, bravery, and quick thinking to save the day.

While the series primarily focuses on action and adventure, it also incorporates elements of humor and heartwarming moments. The characters’ distinct personalities and quirky traits provide plenty of comedic moments, ensuring that both kids and adults can enjoy the show’s light-hearted humor. Additionally, the Sushi Pack’s unwavering friendship and willingness to help others highlight important values of loyalty and kindness.

Through vibrant animation and imaginative storytelling, “Sushi Pack” transports viewers into a world where sushi ingredients become unlikely superheroes. The show not only entertains but also sparks curiosity and appreciation for different cultures, as it introduces young audiences to the art and flavors of sushi.

Created by Studio Espinosa, “Sushi Pack” captured the hearts of audiences with its unique premise, colorful animation, and engaging characters. The series ran for two seasons, introducing viewers to the exciting and flavorful world of the Sushi Pack.

“Sushi Pack” offers a delightful and action-packed animated adventure that combines sushi, superheroes, and friendship. With its fun-loving characters, thrilling escapades, and positive messages, the show provides wholesome entertainment for all ages, serving up a delectable blend of excitement and humor.

Who are the main characters of Sushi Pack?

Maguro: Maguro is a brave and noble tuna roll. He serves as the leader of the Sushi Pack and possesses super strength, making him a formidable force against villains. Maguro is determined, courageous, and always ready to protect his friends and the city.
Ikura: Ikura is a playful and mischievous salmon roe. He has the ability to create powerful shockwaves and is known for his energetic and adventurous nature. Ikura adds a fun and unpredictable element to the team.
Kani: Kani is a witty and intelligent crab stick. With her sharp mind and problem-solving skills, she serves as the strategist of the Sushi Pack. Kani's expertise in technology and gadgets helps the team navigate tricky situations.
Tako: Tako is a lovable and friendly octopus. He has the ability to stretch his tentacles, which comes in handy during missions. Tako is known for his kindness, empathy, and ability to connect with others.
Wasabi: Wasabi is a spirited dollop of wasabi. She brings a fiery and enthusiastic energy to the team, with the ability to shoot blasts of wasabi and create gusts of wind. Wasabi is strong-willed, determined, and adds a touch of spiciness to the group.

Production studio: Cookie Jar Entertainment (now Wildbrain)

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