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Talking Tom and Friends

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Country of origin

Slovenia and Austria

Creation year



Outfit 7



This animated series follows the every day life of Tom, a grey tabby cat. Together with his cat and dog friends Ben, Angela, Ginger, Hank and Becca, he has all sorts of (mis)adventures.

Who are the main characters of Talking Tom and Friends?

Tom: The star of the show, he is a friendly and lovable grey tabby cat. He creates new apps and loves business.
Angela: Tom's love interest, she is a beautiful and fashionable white cat. She's a singer and loves all things creative.
Ben: Tom's best friend, he is a wise-cracking dog. He invents stuff and also works on apps.
Ginger: A young and mischievous orange and white cat, he is always up for an adventure.
Hank: He is a white dog and Tom's roommate. He loves watching television.
Dr. Internet Doctor: A medical doctor who sees his patients through web cameras. He's not much of a great doctor.
The Landlord: He rents out his garage to Tom and Hank.
Rhonda: The waitress and owner of the diner where Tom and Hank often go and eat.
Roy Rakoon: A raccoon who becomes Tom's rival. He is a manipulative criminal.

Production studio: ARX Anima

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