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Jacques Azam (based on the comics)



The main characters of this wacky animated series are completely out of the ordinary!
There’s the stay-at-home mum who’s also a mad inventor who can time travel… She dreams of nothing but the Nobel Prize and has little time for her children. The dad is completely, which is not surprising since he’s … a cell phone! The good thing is that he’s always willing to lend an ear! Then there’s Chico, a pre-teen boy, who’s so chill you need to take his pulse just to make sure he’s alive and his sister, a tyrannical little Lulu overdosed on vitamins A.D.D. and…. The Cow, a full grown and grass-eating specimen! Take a peek into the day to day lives of the most insanely zany family ever invented!
In its original French version, this animated show is known as “Mandarine & Cow”.

Who are the main characters of Tangerine & Cow?

Mum: a stay-at-home mum, who also invents all sorts of contraptions and machines
Dad: he's a cell phone
Chico: the son of the house, a slow and chill pre-teen
Lulu: Chico's younger sister, a hyperactive girl
The Cow: a talking brown cow, who lives with Lulu's family

Production studio: Normaal

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