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Team DroniX

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Carine Néant, Isabelle Dinh Van Chi, David Fauré and Sandrine Nguyen (Technicolor Animation Productions)



Welcome to the elite Hawkings Academy where the most talented students combine their talents to build the most powerful drone of all : DroniX. Follow the adventures of pilot Buck Roquette, designer Tim Chessmat and engineer Vicky Risk as they compete against fellow student teams, thus drawing attention on them from evil individuals who would like to get there hands on DroniX.

Who are the main characters of Team DroniX?

DroniX-1: The team's leader, he is brave and daring.
DroniX-2: The team's second-in-command, she is level-headed and often acts as a voice of reason.
DroniX-3: The team's medic, he is kind and caring.
DroniX-4: The team's technician, she is smart and resourceful.
DroniX-5: The team's strategist, he is calm and collected.
DroniX-6: The team's demolitions expert, he is loud and aggressive.
DroniX-7: The team's sniper, she is quiet and deadly.
DroniX-8: The team's brawler, he is strong and intimidating.
DroniX-9: The team's scout, she is quick and agile.
DroniX-10: The team's support, he is helpful and cheerful.

Production studio: Technicolor Animation Productions

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